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This is a rare chance to own a piece of Alpine paradise. Our team would be glad to help you with any questions you have about Altera, current availability and prices. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Choose elegant design

For an elevated life

A sense of occasion

Altera is designed for a life that feels elevated, all the time – from the noble materials to the thoughtfully selected furniture and fittings to architectural decisions that are all about maximising light and space and of course inviting the mountains and river right in.

The double-height windows welcome an abundance of light and give you beautiful views onto the mountains and nearby river.

— Felix Jacques Frey, Architect

In conversation with FELIX J. FREY

Zürich-based architect, Felix Jacques Frey has a flair for creative partnerships, working with artists to make cutting-edge visions a reality.

“Historically, Andermatt has been a crossroad of cultures. Merchant routes through the town have brought a lot of peoples together and you can see that reflected in the different architectural styles at play in this one valley.

In fact, one of the central ideas for Altera was the cross floor plan traditionally used for Alpine log houses. Building with logs didn’t leave much playing room structurally, so homes had to be split evenly into four. And at the centre of this cross layout was the stove—the most efficient way to heat the whole structure.

Altera maintains that concept of the hearth being the heart of the home. As winter sets in, residents will naturally draw inward and move closer to the fireplace casting a warm glow on the wooden interiors. Outside it's dark. There’s nothing to see anymore. But inside is warm and cosy and inviting.

Real authentic material from the region adds to this warmth. Everything is top quality and sustainably sourced. In Altera, wood is wood, and stone is stone.

Altera was created to suit every season. In summer, the double- height windows welcome an abundance of light and give you beautiful views onto the mountains and nearby river. And on especially warm days, the living room can be opened up to the outside, letting in the sounds of rushing water and a fresh breeze.

And in between? The ski room acts as the threshold to outside. After skiing, I’m always tired and all I want is to get out of my boots and gear, and to warmth as quickly as possible. That’s why we made it a short step from the ski room to the lobby with a fireplace. So, once your house shoes are on, you're already ready for that first drink.”

About us

Andermatt Swiss Alps AG is transforming Andermatt to become the new height of Swiss Alpine living. With its hotels, sports infrastructure, events programme and real estate, ASA is creating a vibrant community for guests and residents to enjoy, building to the highest possible sustainability standards.

Samih O. Sawiris Chairman at Orascom Development

Creating destinations

“The first time I visited Andermatt, I encountered something special: the unadulterated natural beauty of a Swiss mountain village in the heart of the Alps. I was captivated, not only by the village of Andermatt, but by the whole valley. The expansive high mountain Ursern Valley, with its wild and romantic natural landscape, inspired my vision of Andermatt Swiss Alps. Even then, it was clear to me that the soul of this region lies in its untouched nature. I see sustainability as the cornerstone upon which the development is based. I warmly invite you to discover the charm of the Swiss Alps. Step into a world that is closer than you think.”

Orascom Development